33 Acres of Cid3r

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Blending three honourable styles of apples, 33 Acres of Cid3r is our interpretation of an Old English Scrumpy. This gluten-free hazy pale cider softly sours the tip of the tongue, then rounds itself out with an unfiltered bite of ripe apple zest. … To those who heartily sample the universal fruit in all its golden fermented glory, 3 x 33 cheers!

33 Acres of Cid3r is available in our tasting room only in growlers, 6 packs and glasses.

Style: House Apple Cider
Colour: Hazy blonde
Alcohol: 6.9% by volume
Aroma: Tart apple, lemon peel
Flavour: Tart apple, lemon peel, dry, ripe apple sweetness