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33 Acres of Sunrise

Canned (4x355ml)

Style: Citrus and Blossom

Adaptogens: Ashwagandha

Health*: Calming, stress reduction, memory improvement

Aroma: Tropical orange groves, flower gardens and white camellia buds

Flavour: Orange zest and refreshing herbal tea

Fresh citrus blossom and zesty fruit combine with chamomile to invigorate, quench thirst and energize. 1000 IU vitamin D per 355mL provides your daily dose of bottled sun.

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33 Acres of Heart

Canned (4x355ml)

Style: Rosehip and Hibiscus

Adaptogens: Holy Basil

Health*: Anti-inflammatory, indigestion

Aroma: Sweet floral, Lemon spritz, Bandan spice

Flavour: Hibiscus punch, citrus freshness and light fruitiness

Blushing exotic fruits from far off lands meld with familiar floral aromatics. Sweet, spicy and fragrant harmonize with delicate carbonation.

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33 Acres of Pacific

Canned (4x355ml)

Style: Juniper & Bitter Orange

Adaptogens: Astragalus Root

Health*: Immune system, Anti-inflammatory

Aroma: Juniper, Sage, Citrus

Flavour: Herbal, Evergreen

Juniper, Seville Orange and White Sage suggest the noblest of botanical, clear spirits while bubbles give lift and buoyancy.

*Liability statement – Adaptogens refer to some of the herbs and supplements used in alternative medicine practices. There is no clear scientific evidence that adaptogens are able or not able to treat, cure, or prevent any known ailments or diseases.