Beer drop 01.17.20

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Well. It’s the 3rd Friday of the month. By now you (should) hopefully know what that means. New batch of beers available at 33 Brewing Experiment. Some notes on the new creations below: 33B-EXP.007.MKIIIAMARILLO DH SOUR IPA6.2% ABVGRAPEFRUIT, ORANGE, SOURSTRONG ALEA sour IPA with live lactobacillus cultures and a double Amarillo dryhopto accentuate the fruit character … Continued


written by Maks

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what’s going on down under. Hard to fathom, hard to even find words to describe the devastation. It’s sad, and we have no-one to blame but ourselves. The fires are directly correlated to planet A’s inhabitants and their actions. Years, decades of industry, greed, finding any … Continued

Mixtape Monday 001

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Music plays a big part in everyday life at 33 Acres Brewing co. In the office, during production, in the front room, or at home. It inspires design choices as much as it does flavour notes in the beer we create. Overall, it effects our daily mood and work atmosphere. We hope the music elevates … Continued

B33R DROP: 01.03.2020

written by 33 Brewing Experiment

B33rDrop time. It’s the 1st Friday of the month and we’re still celebrating. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Enjoy! • 33B-EXP.003.MKX STRATA HAZY IPA 7.0% ABV STRAWBERRY, DANK, PASSIONFRUIT STRONG ALE A hazy IPA showcasing Oregon grown Strata hops, formerly X-331. With several rounds of dry hopping over many days, we intended to draw … Continued

B33R DROP: 12.20.19

written by 33 Brewing Experiment

It’s the 3rd Friday of the month. By now you know this means B33r drop. Just in time for the holidays we’re releasing the following three tasty creations at 33 Brewing Experiment. That’s next door to our original tasting room location incase you were still wondering. • 33B-EXP.009.MKIII – JAMMY BERRY SOUR 6.7% ABV SOUR, … Continued

BEER DROP : 12.06.19

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

This weeks B33r Drop at 33 brewing experiment. New beers every first and third Friday of the Month! • 33B-EXP.003.MKVIII – SABRO HAZY IPA 6.3% ABV COCONUT, MINT, CEDAR STRONG ALE Our foray into using the hop Sabro. One of the New World varieties of Neo Mexicanus lineage, Sabro has bold unusual flavours and aromas … Continued

Italian Pilsner Launch & Pasta Dinner

written by 33 Brewing Experiment

To go with our Italian Pilsner Launch at 33 Brewing Experiment we’ll be serving all you can eat pasta and meat sauce for $20. Your dinner purchase includes a 12oz glass of Italian Pilsner. There will be a vegetarian option to the meat sauce. Dec 11th, 5-9PM 33 BREWING EXPERIMENT 25 W 8TH VANCOUVER B.C … Continued


written by Maks Eidelson

Standing at 6.4” tall, beard, hair down to his shoulders, and well dressed. If you didn’t know any better you’d think Guy was intimidating. That is until you strike up a conversation. You would then come to learn he’s soft spoken, intelligent, cool, and probably one of the kindest dudes you’ve ever met. He’s got … Continued