33 Recommends: Top 5 House Plants

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Plants inside the home, much like our tasting room, do more than add aesthetics to a space. Among other benefits, they help purify the air, relieve stress, and help concentration. Below you will find our top 5 suggested house plants along with their care instructions and said health benefits: 1. Dragon Tree – Dracaena MarginataThese look … Continued

B33r Drop: 05. 15. 20

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Words don’t do this one justice. You just gotta try it for yourself. For today’s #b33rdrop we have the Saaz Dryhopped Saison. Available in our tasting room, web store, and select stockists. Some tasting notes below : 33B-EXP.039 MKIISAAZ DRYHOPPED SAISON4.8% ABVFLORAL, PEPPERCORN, MINERALAle Brewed with British Columbian grown malt and hopped with European Saaz … Continued

Mixtape 005

written by Maks

Music has and continues to play a big role at 33 Acres. This mix is an ode to spring, warmer weather, and the new norm. To be enjoyed at the park, beach, BBQ on the patio, or anywhere else really. Hit the play button below and enjoy.

33 Acres of Sunshine : YOU EARNED IT

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

33 Acres has always believed in, among other things, hard work, process, and refined products. Equally, we believe in a balanced lifestyle and that you can’t have 1 without the other. It’s knowing when to take a break, reflect, and enjoy the moment. In part, we make products so you can celebrate all achievements big … Continued

B33R DROP 05. 01. 20

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Just in time for the weekend. This weeks #beerdrop available in the tasting room, select stockists, and from our web store : 33B-EXP.003 MKVIIIIDAHO 7 HAZY IPA6.8% ABVJUICE, STONE FRUIT, RESINOUSSTRONG ALE A hazy IPA featuring one of our favourite hand selected lots of¬†Idaho 7 from Crosby Hop Farm in Oregon. Dripping with tropical fruit … Continued

33 Recommends: Best Food Take Out

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

How longs it been now? 6,7,8 weeks since things closed for the Covid-19 quarantine? It’s all becoming a bit of a blur. If you’re like us and are getting sick of cooking at home while wishing you were eating at some of your favourite spots in the city then you could be in for a … Continued

B33R DROP: 04. 27. 20

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Starting the week with a fresh batch of a new creation. Now available on our web store and in our tasting room: 33B-EXP.009 MKIIIBUCKWHEAT BRETT SAISON5.0% ABVPEPPERY, DRY, SHARPAle Highlighting sharp bitterness with a dry finish, reminiscent of classic Wallonian style saisons. Herbal and lemony with a distinctive nose. Using our favourite blend of malts … Continued


written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Some things we’re doing to continue to keep our Staff & Customers safe both in the front room and during deliveries: Social distanced line upContact points sanitized frequentlyCashless transactionsNo touch deliveriesFollowing all BC health recommendations  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email us.