• 33 Acres of Life

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    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz) | BOTTLES (6x330ml)

    Rooted in West Coast convictions of resourcefulness and persistence, the California Common was born out of the Gold Rush of 1848. Even back when brewing equipment was scarce beer enthusiasts were unwilling to put their craft on hold. Making do with less, inventive brewing techniques led to the creation of a hybrid lager and ale. Out of necessity the brewmasters became partial to using the Pacific air as a cooling system and sourced hops locally. So it goes, this beer came to be apart of the cultural identity among the working class in the late 19th century. This style was widely known to satisfy an insatiable thirst after a long day of work as they built the foundations for life in the West as it stands today. Distinguished in breweries at the time by using copious amounts of local hops and very high carbonation.

    Traversing a little further North here in wooded British Columbia our beer serves the very same purpose. Easy on the alcohol content and weighing in on taste for a complete balance. Utilizing Northern Brewer hops lends a hint of evergreen traditional to style. A fruit like quality is created by fermenting the lager at ale temperatures. Gaining a complex taste through subtle approach; hints at a full-bodied ale yet retains a crisp finish.

    Colour: Reddish amber Alcohol: 4.8% by volume Aroma: Faint fruit, toasted malt, caramel Flavour: Sharp carbonation bite; pronounced hop character; light caramel aftertaste. Relatively clean finish.

  • 33 Acres of Ocean

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    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz) | BOTTLES (6x330ml)

    This is a full flavoured beer integrated with a distinct floral hop which gives it a quality unique to our Pacific Northwest surroundings. This style is evolutionary from a typical IPA with an assertive hop, lower alcohol content, and slight pine aroma. Low in malt character, this beer has a refined quality and a refreshing temperament.

    We’ve used ingredients harvested near the Pacific Ocean including Galena, Cascade and Citra hops. Substantive hop flavour paired with a bit of caramel complete the composite to end with a medium finish. Typically consumed in good company amid the Pacific and pine.

    Colour: Light amber Alcohol: 5.6% by volume Aroma: Fruit, floral hop aroma, predominantly citrus and a little pine Flavour: Light caramel, strong hop flavour.

  • 33 Acres of Sunshine

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    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz) | BOTTLES (6x330ml)

    Wondrously, people may ponder, how is ‘Sunshine’ made? With vital gear prepped and necessities intact, adventurous natures gesture the way. Centred in lively ambiance, teeming winds and waves amplify magnificent terrains. An exquisite alchemy forms as firing swells synch between greatly planting feet, and grand drafting hands, surfacing vast expanses. This picturesque balance serenades the dynamic first breath, through last drop, and beyond the dawning horizon.

    Thanks to summers’ launching acclaim, this romantic French Blanche can willingly co-star any season’s forecast and choice current scene. Showcasing flares for the prismatic, 33 Acres of Sunshine synthesizes an unfiltered flaked wheat base. Joining the array, glowing hops of Aurora and Styrian Golding awaken peppy anise seed, dazzling coriander, and candied orange ovations. Emanating such vivid traits, this divine beauty is a main-staying source to be gratefully wetted with. Vive le coeur du soleil!

    Colour: Hazy blonde Alcohol: 5.0% by volume Aroma: Fruity; orange peel; coriander; black liquorice Flavour: Fruity; orange peel; coriander; black liquorice; sweet aftertaste

  • 33 Acres of Darkness

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    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | BOTTLES (6x330ml)

    When embers crackle into charred sultry puffs, a mystical serenity draws near. Hinterland’s stilling hush nestles quietly while being calmly at rest. Belly and lungs fill then clear with soothing huffs as drumming thumps begin revealing extraordinary realms. Entering fantastic possibilities and potentials, worlds within worlds manifest…

    The enchanting Schwarzbier hails from Germany’s historic middle ages. Progressing upon the hallowed dark essentials, this bier swiftly joined the flagship ranks, flowing especially well. Conceived by cozy Pilsner mixed with slow-fired Cara Vienna, Black Prinz and Caramel Munich 40 malts, 33 Acres of Darkness has evolved into a supernatural lager. Summoning hoppiness through nicely biting Perle and Magnum hops, gently toasted sugars evoke rich cocoa and subtle coffee blitzes. These tidy undertones ebb sip to setting, while an easy-going texture socially invites further quenching. Durstig?

    Colour: Black Alcohol: 5.0% by volume Aroma: Roasted malt, caramelized sugars Flavour: Slight coffee, dark chocolate, clean and crisp finish.

  • 33 Acres of Echo

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    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz) | BOTTLES (6x330ml)

    Our desire for change is often shadowed by repetition. How do we get over the simple fact that echoing tasks is far from boring. The mundane daily routine we create for ourselves can be looked down upon, but sometimes they are what hold us together or give us purpose. There is something inherently comforting about regularity, about completing a routine or returning to a favourite place. It is powerful to find passion in everyday life.

    33 Acres of Echo, an India Session Ale, is an ode to recurrence, to the moments we recreate because they are held so dear. A low alcohol content lets the beer be enjoyed over entire afternoons, sipped all day with ease—but a careful selection of hops resulting in notes of citrus peel, tropical fruit, and pine means Echo does not sacrifice flavour. Think sunny days spent sprawled on the grass, or late nights spent laughing with loved ones as the stars shine above.

    Colour: Gold Alcohol: 4.5% by volume Aroma: Grassy, candied tropical. Flavour: Citrus peel, pine; clean finish, with lingering bitterness.

  • 33 Acres of Euphoria

    Available in:

    BOTTLES (4x330ml)

    We say good things come in the power of threes, and when this magical concoction joyfully adorns the table an even three is still good company. A fruity lemon rind finish conceals what is pound for pound our most dangerous, yet very drinkable, Belgian.

    Eyes wide closed, the potency of this feverish blend remains a secret until one feels the creamy golden rush hiding inside 33 acres of Euphoria. Boasting deep flavour and a hefty dose of celebration, we strongly encourage sharing amongst lovers, between friends, and the best of kin.

    Colour: Hazy gold Alcohol: 9.2% by volume Aroma: Ripe banana, spice Flavour: Ripe banana, spice, fruity, lemon peel bitterness

  • 33 Acres of Nirvana

    Available in:

    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz) | BOTTLES (6x330ml)

    Along the path to IPA immortality, a wise guide suggested forging a trail like none before. As is the pacific north-west tradition, nature’s whispers were honoured following the voice within.

    With a higher % then average, this skillful creation showcases bitter-fresh pine with an invigorating offering of pink and orange citrusness. Iconically, this beer truly smells like dreamed spirits. One whiff, a taste, and hearty smile begins any journey into 33 acres of Nirvana after-life.

    Colour: Hazy golden orange Alcohol: 7.0% by volume Aroma: Pine, candied orange Flavour: Grapefruit and “woody” bitterness, warming finish

  • 33 Acres of Cid3r

    Available in:

    GLASSES (6oz, 12oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz)

    Blending three honourable styles of apples, 33 Acres of Cid3r is our interpretation of an Old English Scrumpy. This gluten-free hazy pale cider softly sours the tip of the tongue, then rounds itself out with an unfiltered bite of ripe apple zest. … To those who heartily sample the universal fruit in all its golden fermented glory, 3 x 33 cheers!

    Colour: Hazy blonde Alcohol: 6.9% by volume Aroma: Tart apple, lemon peel Flavour: Tart apple, lemon peel, dry, ripe apple sweetness

  • 33 Acres of Resin

    Available in:

    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz)

    One must bond with many things in life. It could be love, it could be something material or something you can only imagine. Viscous to solid and then back again.

    33 Acres of Resin is our 70 IBU, Double Red Ale brewed to showcase the pungent explosive Simcoe Hop. Just in time for the holidays, this orange, earthy, caramel treat lingers with a pine and resin finish.

    Colour: Deep Amber Hazy Red Alcohol: 7.0% by volume Aroma: Orange marmalade Flavour: Earthy, caramel and lingering pine resin finish.

  • 33 Acres of Sisu

    Available in:

    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz)

    The only way to move is forward. We are defined not by our successes, but by what we do with our failures. Determination and courage—to keep going, to try again—are the building blocks of character.

    33 Acres of Sisu is our seasonal sahti: a Finnish farmhouse ale. This ancient style goes back centuries, to a time before production breweries existed. Traditionally made by women in the local villages, sahti was flavoured with juniper branches to balance out the beer’s malt sweetness. Sisu, then, is perseverance. Dedication. Strength of will. It celebrates the little victories.

    Colour: Gold Alcohol: 7.0% by volume Aroma: Banana; clove; faint juniper Flavour: Malty, faint notes of wood and smoke, with a woody/sour finish

  • 33 Acres of Genesis

    Available in:

    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz)

    In the beginning we only see one thing. Perhaps we were born this way.  A certain pungent explosion is what we’re searching for. Trends change, we listen. Why fight it? This beer is for us all. The ones that get hooked, the ones that know.

    33 Acres of Genesis is our forever exploring seasonal IPA. Batch to batch, ingredients will vary to coincide with our thoughts, ideas and aspirations. A place to play. A new beginning at the start of every brew. One goal, make the hops sing.

    Batch 1#
    North East IPA. Think Vermont. Hazy, Blueberry, Nectarine, Juice bomb…. with just a touch of bitterness.

    Colour: Orange; Very Hazy Alcohol: 7.0% by volume Aroma: Orange, Blueberry. Flavour: Nectarine, Gooseberry, Grapefruit/Pine bitterness, clean finish.