• 33 Acres of Life

    Available in:

    BOTTLES (6x330ml)

    Rooted in West Coast convictions of resourcefulness and persistence, the California Common was born out of the Gold Rush of 1848. Even back when brewing equipment was scarce beer enthusiasts were unwilling to put their craft on hold. Making do with less, inventive brewing techniques led to the creation of a hybrid lager and ale. Out of necessity the brewmasters became partial to using the Pacific air as a cooling system and sourced hops locally. So it goes, this beer came to be apart of the cultural identity among the working class in the late 19th century. This style was widely known to satisfy an insatiable thirst after a long day of work as they built the foundations for life in the West as it stands today. Distinguished in breweries at the time by using copious amounts of local hops and very high carbonation.

    Traversing a little further North here in wooded British Columbia our beer serves the very same purpose. Easy on the alcohol content and weighing in on taste for a complete balance. Utilizing Mount Hood hops lends a spice infused aroma. A fruit like quality is created by fermenting the lager at ale temperatures. Gaining a complex taste through subtle approach; hints at a full-bodied ale yet retains a crisp finish.

    Colour: Reddish amber Alcohol: 4.8% by volume Aroma: Faint fruit, toasted malt, caramel Flavour: Sharp carbonation bite; pronounced hop character; light caramel aftertaste. Relatively clean finish.

  • 33 Acres of Ocean

    Available in:

    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | BOTTLES (6x330ml)

    This is a full flavoured beer integrated with a distinct floral hop which gives it a quality unique to our Pacific Northwest surroundings. This style is evolutionary from a typical IPA with an assertive hop, lower alcohol content, and slight pine aroma. Low in malt character, this beer has a refined quality and a refreshing temperament.

    We’ve used ingredients harvested near the Pacific Ocean including Cascade and Calypso hops. Substantive hop flavour paired with a bit of caramel complete the composite to end with a medium finish. Typically consumed in good company amid the Pacific and pine.

    Colour: Light amber Alcohol: 5.3% by volume Aroma: Fruit, floral hop aroma, predominantly citrus and a little pine Flavour: Light caramel, strong hop flavour.

  • 33 Acres of Sunshine

    Available in:

    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz) | BOTTLES (6x330ml)

    Born of the sun this unfiltered white ale has long been praised by the Belgians and revered by the French. Our dreamy Blanche beer is silky smooth and subspiced with orange peel, coriander and anise seed to pair perfectly with the golden days of summer.

    The sun sets in the west with good reason and this seasonal flagship will  adorn our tasting room, chill at the beach and commune on the patio of select stockists between the months of April – September.

    Colour: Hazy blonde Alcohol: 5.0% by volume Aroma: Fruity; orange peel; coriander; black liquorice Flavour: Fruity; orange peel; coriander; black liquorice; sweet aftertaste

  • 33 Acres of Darkness

    Available in:

    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz) | BOTTLES (6x330ml)

    If you’re the type who likes to judge a beer by it’s colour, 33 Acres of Darkness will surely surprise. While most equate heaviness with flavour this Schwarzbier strives to bring tantalizing taste beyond the usual weight.

    Inspired by the beer drinking pleasures of Japan this de’light’ful lesson in a bottle (or glass) is our first flagship seasonal and will be available in our tasting room and select stockists between the months of October – March.

    Colour: Black Alcohol: 5.0% by volume Aroma: Roasted malt, caramelized sugars Flavour: Slight coffee, dark chocolate, clean and crisp finish.

  • 33 Acres of Euphoria

    BOTTLES (4x330ml)

    We say good things come in the power of threes, and when this magical concoction joyfully adorns the table an even three is still good company. A fruity lemon rind finish conceals what is pound for pound our most dangerous, yet very drinkable, Belgian.

    Eyes wide closed, the potency of this feverish blend remains a secret until one feels the creamy golden rush hiding inside 33 acres of Euphoria. Boasting deep flavour and a hefty dose of celebration, we strongly encourage sharing amongst lovers, between friends, and the best of kin.

    Colour: Hazy gold Alcohol: 9.2% by volume Aroma: Ripe banana, spice Flavour: Ripe banana, spice, fruity, lemon peel bitterness

  • 33 Acres of Nirvana

    Available in:

    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz) | BOTTLES (4x330ml)

    Along the path to IPA immortality, our guide suggested forging a trail of our own. As is the pacific north-west tradition, we honoured the whispers of nature and peacefully surrendered to our voice within.

    With slightly more alcohol then average, this master creation showcases bitter-fresh pine with an invigorating offering of pink and orange citrusness. Iconically, this beer even smells like dream spirit. One whiff, one taste, and a blissed-out smile is all it takes to begin the journey into 33 acres of Nirvana after-life.

    Colour: Hazy golden orange Alcohol: 8.0% by volume Aroma: Pine, candied orange Flavour: Grapefruit and “woody” bitterness, warming finish

  • 33 Acres of Cid3r

    Available in:

    GLASSES (6oz, 12oz), Tasting room only.

    Blending three honourable styles of apples, 33 Acres of Cid3r is our interpretation of an Old English Scrumpy. This gluten-free hazy pale cider softly sours the tip of the tongue, then rounds itself out with an unfiltered bite of ripe apple zest. … To those who heartily sample the universal fruit in all its golden fermented glory, 3 x 33 cheers! 

    Colour: Hazy blonde Alcohol: 6.9% by volume Aroma: Tart apple, lemon peel Flavour: Tart apple, lemon peel, dry, ripe apple sweetness

  • 33 Acres of Sole

    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz)

    “We have one employee who doesn’t have stable housing and never has. He got the job because he was so persistent. He stopped by day after day and just kept asking for work, so we hired him. That’s the kind of tenacity we need. But he’s been in and out of housing, and shelters, and parks. Occasionally he doesn’t show up and he doesn’t call (which is one of our only rules). A couple weeks ago, I gave him a hard time about not calling and he was basically like, ‘you know, I may not be perfect, but this is the best thing I do in life. I am more consistent here than I am anywhere else. This is where I show up.’”

    This paints a vivid picture of life by Lissa Goldstein, Director of Operations at Sole Food Street Farms…. continues reading this article on Sole Food Farms here.

    Sole Food Street farms is a charity with values and a strong social impact we stand behind. The teams commitment to community and drive to create meaningful employment, is what led us to them in the first place. The result of our hop-collaboration, 33 Acres of Sole is an urban farmed fresh-hop bitter, proudly cultivated in the heart of the city. Available now, in the tasting room only, where a portion of profits from glasses and growler sales, will be donated to Sole Food directly.

    Colour: Amber Alcohol: 4.6% by volume Aroma: Candy apple, marmalade, faint lemon herbal bitterness, Flavour: Faint toast malt character; lingering herbal hop finish.

  • 33 Acres of Hanzō

    GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz)

    It’s not uncommon to convince ourselves that what exists in the dark haze is invisible. That is our perception that has illustrated a tangible narrative, allowing us to avoid the truth. He did not do so. Secrecy is power, and to this day he is known for his double sight and all encompassing inner qualities. With strength of both body and mind, he vanished, before our eyes could register what we did in fact, think we saw. 

    There are many parallels between the myth and this timely Halloween seasonal. 33 Acres of Hanzō is a west coast double brown ale, sitting boldly with a higher alcohol content and a delightful hop twist. The black malts are invisible marked only by evidence of the senses, or a lingering after thought. #ninja

    Colour: Brown Alcohol: 8.2% by volume Aroma: Eucalyptus, weed, orange peel Flavour: Unsweetened chocolate, pronounced hop resin finish