33 Recommends : 5 easy food recipes

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company
33 Recommends : 5 easy food recipes

Chances are, like most people living around the urban core, you ate out a lot during the week. Now that we’re for the most part stuck at home, some might be scrambling to figure out what to make for the next meal, or simply sick of the same few go-to’s. Although we do encourage supporting small businesses in the form of take out during this difficult time, if you’re looking to get crafty at home continue reading. Our head chef Adam has shared 5 easy to make recipes, 2 of which are from our tasting room menu you can make at home while you wait for your b33r to be delivered from our web store.

1. Red Beet Hummus

In our tasting room we serve this on Nelson the Segull toast with cucumbers, aged cheddar, cucumber, maldon salt, hemp hearts & black sesame. That said, you can spread this on just about anything, or use it as dip as you would with regular Hummus.

700g chickpeas (drained weight)
700g  peeled and cooked red beets
525g tahini
8 cloves garlic
2 tbsp fresh thyme
500 ml olive oil
200 ml water
Juice of 8-10 lemons
Salt and Pepper

Really simple method, but will require a food processor. You can do it by hand but it would take a while!

2. Vegan Caesar Salad

For our Caesar salad we simply serve with a combination of breadcrumbs, lightly candied walnuts, and fresh lemon. We bake our bread ends with a little olive oil and garlic powder until dry. If you have a food processor, blitz. If not you have to crush by hand or with a rolling pin between some parchment. The nuts are coated lightly with maple syrup, salted and baked for 12-14 minutes.

The Vegan Ceasar Dressing:
1 cup vegan mayonnaise
1 cup nutritional yeast
2 cups canola oil
0.5 cup red wine vinegar
1/3 cup smooth Dijon mustard
2 tsp Tamari
2 tsp liquid smoke
Juice of 2 lemons
6 Garlic cloves
Salt and pepper
Splash water

We use a combination of baby kale, raddichio, romain and red leaf lettuce. You can be traditional and just use romaine lettuce, but this works with any leaf. Place your salad in a mixing bowl and generously dress. Place in your serving bowl and top with breadcrumbs, walnuts and a fresh wedge of lemon.

For this recipe you will need a food processor or blender.

3. Maple soy glazed fish, chicken (or just about anything)

We think it works best with fish. Our choice would be a white fish, like sablefish, but if you are on a budget it would work with ling cod. The other option would be to make some prawn skewers. Whatever product you choose, marinate it for 24 hours. 

The Maple Soy Glaze:
500ml Soy sauce or tamari
400ml maple syrup
2 birds eye chili (can substitute for any chili,or chili flakes)
6 kaffir lime leaves (can substitute 3 lime zest if you can’t find the leaves)
50g fresh ginger
50g garlic
80ml rice vinegar

Turn on your oven to 375. To cook the fish, grab a heavy bottom (or non-stick pan). Heat the pan with a little canola oil on medium high, place the fish flesh side down (normally you would go skin side down, but the skin would catch with the maple syrup). Once it has just started to colour, move the fish to a different area of the pan, and add 2 ounces on the maple-soy liquid. Throw the pan into the oven and cook for ten minutes or until cooked. Take a look at the thickness of the liquid left in the pan. If you want to reduce more, put back onto the stove and cook to your liking.

You could serve this with a number of things. We like it with wild rice, quinoa, and mashed potatoes. It goes well with some crunchy green vegetables, asian style, box choi, snap peas, Gai lan. Also work perfectly well with broccolini, cauliflower, green beans etc.

To serve, simply place your starch into the middle of the plate, vegetables on top of that, fish on top of that. Finish with the sauce from the pan. If you have any cilantro or pickles available use to garnish.

4. Roasted Garlic and Parmesan Dip

2 cups mayonnaise
2 cups sour cream
1 cup garlic cloves
4 tbsp olive oil
1.5 cup parmesan cheese
1/4 cup lemon juice
Salt and Pepper

1) toss garlic with oil, roast at 350 until completely soft
2) once ready smash garlic, either with a fork in a bowl or a passel and mortar if you have one handy.
3) combine all ingredients together.

Great as a dip for veggies, chips etc. Could also be used as a spread for a sandwich like roast beef.

5. Chocolate Brownie

350g butter
45ml canola or olive oil
360g white sugar
315g brown sugar
6 eggs
1 tbsp vanilla extract or 1 fresh vanilla bean
150g cocoa (sifted)
170g AP flour (sifted)

1) set your oven to 350f
2) melt butter and oil in a pan
3) in a stand up mixer, combine the sugars, oil, and butter
4) using the paddle attachment, mix together (medium high setting)
5) add eggs one by one. 
6) add vanilla
7) turn down the mixer to a low setting and add the cocoa and flour spoon by spoon.
8) add pinch of salt
9) using a baking tin, (one roughly 1.5-2 inches deep, 12 x 10 inch wide), line with parchment paper and pour your batter in.
10) cook for around 20 minutes, check. You want the middle to be ever so slightly wobbly but set around the outside. Use a knife to check, unlike a sponge cake you want the tip to come out gooey. If it comes out clean you have gone to far! If you want to use a thermometer, the ideal temperature is 185f

Best enjoyed with cold b33r!

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