33 Recommends: Top 10 movies (self isolation edition)

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company
33 Recommends: Top 10 movies (self isolation edition)

A list of our top 10 favourite movies. It’s a tough list to make, and may not be totally accurate, or it may change in a months time. For now though, while in isolation these are our top selects. Another challenge to the list is there feels a need to mix up not only genres, but also to mix some old with new. There could easily be a top 10 list per genre, or even year released for that matter. Maybe that’s the next movie list.

1. City of God
2002 – Directed by Fernando Meirelles & Katia lund

2. Roma
2018 – Directed by Alfonso Cuaron.

3. La Haine
1995 – Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz

4. Step Brothers
2008 – Directed by Adam Mckay

5. Taxi Driver
1976 – Directed by Martin Scorsese

6. Snatch
2000 – Directed by Guy Ritchie

7. Superbad
2007 – Directed by Greg Mottola

8. Uncut Gems
2019 – Directed by Benny Safdie & Josh Safdie

9. Pulp Fiction
1994 – Directed by Quintin Tarantino

10. Punch Drunk Love
2002 – Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson