33C, Calgary,AB

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company
33C, Calgary,AB

33 Acres Brewing Company was born out of the enjoyment for the binding elements of life. The spirit of community sharing; Drink, food, conversation, space and ideas.

Most recently, we have found another b33r community to plant seeds in, to learn about and to grow with. Create one on one relationships, explore, support, and build long lasting partnerships. In our quest to stay local and with our recent wholesale expansion into Alberta, we will be opening a 33 Acres Brewing Company in Calgary, Alberta. We believe this is the best way we can continue to spread our wings while remaining true to our vision.

We will hire locals and work with local small businesses. We will brew, package, and sell directly to our new neighbours to ensure our quality matches the levels of Vancouver. We will repeat what we’ve done in Vancouver, and our locations will help support one another. We believe in quality, creativity and relationships. We will set the bar higher every year. We will support local charities and organizations that value what we value; diversity and forward thinking. We are excited!

Hello Calgary, we are 33 Acres Brewing Company and we’re very excited to join your community. We have recently entered your market on retail shelves with knowing a new brewery space was coming to your neighbourhood soon, 33C.

Come say hello! #120 224 12 AVENUE SW, Calgary, AB.