Argue This.

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

On Location— Don’t Argue / Located just up the street from the brewery (at about 16th and Main), Don’t Argue has quickly became a good friend of ours. Opening within weeks of each other—it seemed a natural fit: pizza and b33r. Over the last two years we’ve seen a lot change in our neighbourhood, but Don’t Argue has stubbornly stayed the same. The menu reflects their attitude—keep it simple, no bullshit. The pizza is American meets Neapolitan style, and is clearly marked by the quality of their toppings. Memorable favourites include the Pancetta Pineapple (their spin on Hawaiian), and Potato Mash, a unique but sensibly delicious combination. The drink list follows suit, with everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Just like their name suggests. Don’t Argue sets the standard for what it is to be a family-owned and run business. I’ll never forget one day I walked into the restaurant and saw Nathaniel and Anna talking shop while passing their newborn back and forth. That resonated with me. This family feel trickles down to the staff, who welcomes you like an familiar old friend anytime you swing by for a slice. Whether we’re saddled up at their bar washing down a pie with a few pints of Life or fighting over the last slice during one of our staff parties, we love Don’t Argue in all its glory. Conveniently located at 3240 Main Street. Order take out, or stay a while and experience it for yourself.   3ND