B33R Community—L’Abattoir

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

B33R Community on location…L’Abattoir

Walking along the rugged looking brick path, where Blood Alley meets Gagler’s Mews, lives a conservatory of sorts. There, sure enough, you can witness two pastry chefs artfully and methodically prepping for the night ahead. Beyond that little glass room the rest of the prep team are working efficiently with a multitude of tasks. Across the way, a few arms length separated primarily by glass, is a dining area, where a large wooden fixture is suspended along the length of the booth. L’Abattoir is located in one of the most unique yet authentic buildings of Gastown, where it retains its integrity historically, and meanwhile pays respect to modern design. By having prepping, cooking and dining stations separated, the establishment mimics an efficiently run estate of the 1920’s. That all said, it’s elegance is comfortable, and for many, L’Abattoir serves as a local neighbourhood watering hole. We are one of the few beers on their list, serving 33 Acres of Life, 33 Acres of Ocean and 33 Acres of Darkness (soon to be 33 Acres of Sunshine), each by the bottle. An example of how certain values often connect two brands, when asked about the beer list, general manager Ricardo Ferreira shares that its a refined quality they notice that suits their french-inspired west coast menu, and the playful, casual aspects of the beer that make it approachable and easy to pair with many different dishes. He also points out that from a visual perspective, it’s an added design element that fits the room.

Evolving seasonally, menu items are integrated as chef Lee Cooper sees fit. Currently, the Veal sweet breads go nicely with Darkness, and the Ceviche well with either Ocean or Life, perhaps even a handcrafted beer cocktail. More on the latter to come!

Neighbourhood:  Gastown (217 Carrall Street, Vancouver)
Around since:  5.5 – 6 years
Known for:  French-inspired west coast cuisine
Stockist since:  6 months
On tap/bottles:  Darkness (swapping for Sunshine shortly), Ocean & Life by bottle
Food pairing:  Veal Sweet Breads with Darkness, Ceviche with Ocean, Life or Castles Made of Sand (beer cocktail made with Ocean)