B33R Community – Tangent Cafe

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

B33R Community on location…Tangent Cafe!

Hard to miss while cruising down Commercial Dr. with the 70’s-esk painted grey wall and type accompanying the outdoor patio. Tangent Cafe,  3.5 years strong, and with us from the start. This is a tried and true everyday brunch spot with a neighbourhood vibe also serving pub fare that feeds that traditional western nostalgia. A bit of a twist one will find, is the asian flare, as the owner Nate’s wife is Malaysian, and acts as the head chef of Tangent. The beef mee-goreng is a perfect pairing to 33 Acres of Ocean. Fitting with their name, the concept of Tangent is centered around this idea of purposely getting distracted from what you’re supposed to be doing—take your day on a bit of a tangent.

Neighbourhood:  Commercial Drive (2095 Commercial, Vancouver)
Around since:  3.5 years
Known for:  Brunch everyday, live jazz nights
Stockist since:  From the start
On tap/bottles:  33 Acres of Life and 33 Acres of Ocean on draft
Food pairing:  33 Acres of Ocean + rendang beef curry
Something people don’t know: You can listen to some of the best jazz in the city here.