B33R DROP: 02. 07. 20

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company
B33R DROP: 02. 07. 20

B33r Drop Friday! Three (below) new beers in the 33 Brewing Experiment tasting room. Come hang!

33B-EXP.039 MKI
Dryhopped Saison with Hallertau Blanc
6.5% ABV
Riesling, Melon, Funky
Strong Ale
Fermented with our clean house saison blend in stainless and dryhopped with Hallertau Blanc and Huell Melon. Bottle conditioned with a unique brettanomyces grown just for this bottle release. Simultaneously fruity and funky, soft and dry.

Mini Bock
4.9 % ABV
Toast, Crisp, Fresh
A Paters-bock or Enkelbock meaning”single” in Dutch. Drank by monks for sustenance, while leaving them fully capable to take on the day’s endeavors. Singles from Trappist breweries like Chimay, Orval and Westvleteran are rarely available outside their respective monasteries, making it highly sought after by beer hunters. This is our German, bock-inspired version that is dry and crisp, but malty. Lagered through late Fall and early Winter, this toasty single is quaffable, preparing you for work to be done

Spelt Saison
5.8 % ABV
Gooseberry, Blanc, Dry
Strong Ale
Fermented with a mix of saccharomyces and brettanomyces in stainless and dryhopped with Hallertau Blanc for an aromatic contribution of tart berry and white grape. Spelt Saison matured for months in the bottle and now shows the depth and complexity of our interpretation of the style.