B33r Drop: 08. 11. 20

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company
B33r Drop: 08. 11. 20

New today are 2 different 750ml bottles! Available from out tasting rooms, select stockists, and our web store.

BC Blueberry Sour
6.1% ABV
Berry, Indigo, Dark
Too many British Columbia grown blueberries were blended and refermented on a tart saison base from Foeder 3 benefitting fromseveral Brett strains, yeast and lactobacillus. Sour, with blueberry tannin and deep berry flavour. Bottle conditioned until perfect.

33B-EXP.021 MKIV
Rustic Saison
5.8% ABV
Tart, Blanc, Rustic
A rustic saison using traditional, old World techniques to develop a complex substrate for one of our favourite house cultures while residing for many months in Foeder # 2. Dryhopped with Nelson and Vic Secret, this beer is bright and tart with notes of stone fruit, white grape and pink peppercorn.