Field 2 & Field 6 Hazy IPA

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company
Field 2 & Field 6 Hazy IPA

Our friends at Bredenhof Hop Farm set aside an unblended box of Comet from Field 2 and Field 6, grown 2 km apart. Brewed and dryhopped identically, these two unique batches in the 4-pack, Field 2 and Field 6, highlite terroir based on soil differences, land-use history, proximity to riparian waterways and harvest timing. All that said, this is one special Hazy IPA we’re proud of. Now available for purchase in our tasting room, online shop & select stockists Monday.

Field 2 / Field 6 Comet IPA
Tropical, Pine, Terroir
6.9% alc./vol.
Aroma: Fresh cut grapefruit, hemlock cones, light toffee
Flavour: Salal berry, clementine skin, lilikoi