Heart Coffee Roasters

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

When we decided to offer coffee alongside beer on our menu, our approach was much of the same; we were driven to find and serve the highest quality beans out there. It seemed pretty natural that that would lead us to Heart Coffee Roasters of Portland. Our espresso drinks are created with the infamous Stereo Seasonal Blend which changes slightly every time a new order comes through, with an array of tasting notes that most recently include those of berries, cocoa and caramel. 

The transition to offer Heart’s Colombia El Agardo for our pour over encouraged us to spread the love a little more, and so we thought—why not have these beans available for you to make at home as well? Currently, we have both the Colombia El Agardo and the Colombia La Loma available by the bag. And we are quite excited about this, as each blend offers a unique bouquet of flavours, balanced to an art, which is worth visualizing. 

Colombia El Argardo (our current pour-over), fuses gooseberry, fudge and almond, a Caturra varietal, from Hula Pitalito, Colombia.

2015_06_02 - Heart_04-1

From the same region of Hula Pitalito, Colombia La Loma, is a blend created from the Tabi, Caturra and Colombia varietals, and combines almond, chocolate and cranberry. 

2015_06_03 - Heart-1

Read and learn more about Heart here: http://www.heartroasters.com.


The motivation behind our coffee is simple: uncompromising quality. We are a specialty coffee roasting company aiming to bring people a focused and an exceptional coffee experience.

We begin with some of the best green coffee from mainly Central America, South America, and Africa. We roast our coffee to the ideal degree, while fully developing complex flavors, and bringing out delicate clarity. The coffee is then cupped in the lab and must pass the standard of excellence before reaching our customers. We believe that starting with quality green coffee enables us to put the care into the roasted coffee we serve—from the source to the final cup. We love what we do and want to share it with you.

Take a seat, let it cool a little, and enjoy the difference in heart coffee.