Sage Island Saison

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company
Sage Island Saison

***SOLD OUT***
Foraged maritime botanicals from Sage Island in the Northern Salish Sea. Purple flowering White Sage and Yarrow were gathered from the tiny island after a 12 hour journey North and accessed by foot on the lowest tide of Summer. An attempt to hear what Thoreau called “my wild name”.

Enjoy our can conditioned, limited release (177 x 4packs), forged ingredient, Sage Island Saison, available for purchase now in our tasting room and online web store only.

  • 33 BREWING EXP. – Sage Island Saison
  • 33B-EXP.011.MKII
  • Style: Forged Saison
  • Floral, Herbal, Brine
  • 5.2% ABV
  • Aroma: Intensly savoury with white pepper, sage, chrysanthemum and wildflowers
  • Flavour: Exotic, spicy and brite, fresh baked Italian loaf, honeyed crackers with marmalade.