B33r Community – Meat & Bread - 2016/12/08

Opened in October 2010 and quickly becoming a local staple, Meat & Bread is as simple and tasty as it sounds. The lunch shop, which has Vancouver locations in Gastown and downtown, sources ethically raised meat from British Columbia that is then expertly and passionately prepared. The idea, inspired by a now-closed restaurant in Ireland called Gruel, was to open a small shop that served one kind of roasted meat sandwich carved right on the spot. From there, it was settled on Porchetta. “Porchetta is an Italian culinary tradition, consisting of savoury, fatty, and moist pork loin and belly,” says manager Colleen McVeigh, who has been with the company for over four years. “The body of the pig is deboned, arranged carefully with layers of herbs, rolled, and slow roasted. We then thinly carve the roast and serve it on ciabatta with salsa verde and crackling.” Aside from the beloved Porchetta, Meat & Bread also offers a Meatball sandwich, as well as a Daily Special based on what is fresh and inspiring to the kitchen.

Meat & Bread has been carrying 33 Acres since the spring of 2015, currently serving up Ocean that McVeigh says can stand up “like a champ” to both the Porchetta and Meatball options. “The light caramel and hop flavour would balance nicely with the spices in the beefy meatballs and tomato sauce,” she adds. McVeigh has been a friend of ours since the beginning, stopping by the tasting room just days after we opened and cozying up with 33 Acres of Sunshine. From then on, she says, “I was hooked.” The feeling is certainly mutual, and we couldn’t be happier that Meat & Bread has since expanded to Victoria and Seattle. Sandwich by mouth-watering sandwich, the shop proves that lunch can be both quick and of quality.

33 Acres of Coff33 v2.0 - 2016/11/29

All over the world, countless equals have united to enjoy a spot of coffee or cheers a pint of beer. Blending the best of both worlds, this co-creative collabo offers authentic taste and quality with zero compromise for either inspired party. Lightly hopped Bock lagers are historically associated with special occasions, so when coffee and beer coalesce locally, every serving becomes momentous.

Phil & Sebastion‘s Alemu Bukato beans were cold pressed by our coff33 crew and then infused with a German Bock to create a beer that is truly #b33runch worthy. With community spirit firmly rooted by our true north strong and free, 33 Acres of Coff33 warms the hearts of cool minds, loving every body who gratefully sips day and/or night.

Available now in our tasting room.

B33r Community – Tuc Craft Kitchen – - 2016/11/13

It takes a special kind of talent to make really high quality comfort food. The chef must be able to connect with the basics, but then tweak them into something elevated, inspired, and memorable. Thankfully for Vancouver, there’s Roy Flemming of Gastown’s Tuc Craft Kitchen.

Inhabiting a dark and inviting two-level space on West Cordova, Tuc has been around since April 2013 and is something of an unsung hero in the city. It modestly serves up some of the best comfort food around, taking cues from the seasons and our own West Coast. “We take common everyday food and drinks that people may be familiar with and do them uncommonly well,” Flemming explains. “The goal is to give our guests an environment that feels cozy and non-pretentious.”

Serving up brunch, lunch, and dinner, Tuc has a lot to offer, and it’s all done with plenty of British Columbia ingredients, including fish from Haida Gwaii and meat from Abbotsford’s Gelderman Farms. “I think we appeal to a wide cross section of the Vancouver ‘food culture’ because we deliver on all of our core principals at a reasonable cost to our guests,” Flemming says. “We want our patrons to enjoy what the West Coast has to offer in terms of great ingredients, and be able to afford to return as many times as they can.” And you will definitely want to return.

Flemming’s dishes are flavourful, filling, and fun, with unforgettable plates such as pork belly crackling with kosher salt and star anise red wine reduction, pork croquettes with kimchi, and Beef Al Forno with black bean salsa verde, chili parmesan crisp, and cheese curds. The creative chef even formulated a dish that incorporates 33 Acres of Darkness: Pork & Beans is made up of roasted Gelderman Farms pork shank, cabbage braised with Darkness, and lemon garlic navy beans. The rich flavour of the dark beer mixes perfectly with the juicy pork and garlicky beans, and of course is best served with a fresh pint of Darkness.

The restaurant is designed to make guests as comfortable as they would if they were eating dinner at a friend’s house—you know, if that friend just happened to be a fantastic chef who had a dreamy beer and wine cellar and an affinity for craft cocktails. We can always dream for pals like that, but really, we’re just as happy pulling up a chair and tucking in at Tuc.