33 Acres of Egress - 2016/06/07

Cradled by earth’s core, a worthy sweat drips from the air, chipping away inside the passage. Pausing to lean against the cool bedrock, clammy palms flatten against the rough stony contours. Coursing blood circulates while fondly glancing back to where the shift began. A familiar whistle sounds signalling work’s timely end and the usual chorus of hurrahs ensue. Twinkling grins adorn the corridor as fingertips glide along the sculpted tunnel edges stepping into an ever-growing portal home.

Welcoming a break to rejoice in what’s been accomplished, 33A of Egress pays homage to an ancient practice. Commonly served to workers departing the mine shaft, this super refreshing beer is considerate of tomorrow’s daily rituals. Unwinding lightly after glasses have clinked, a conventionally dry saison profile is enriched by Buckwheat malt adding a grounded peppery zip. Open to further interpretation, UK Fuggles and Brewers Gold hops ‘summer’ize this seasonal recreation with fragrant traces of apricot and blackberry tea, finishing completely uplifting.

33 Acres of Egress: a Belgian Grisette now available in the tasting room b33r quarry for glasses and fills.

Colour: Gold
Alcohol: 4.2% by volume
Aroma: Apricot, Blackberry tea, peppercorns, wild rice
Flavour: Light herbal bitterness, and peppery finish

B33r Community – Edible Canada - 2016/05/26

The idea of “Canadian” food is not iconic in the way that people think of Italian cuisine, or Mexican. But Edible Canada on Granville Island is out to change that.

By focusing on the best produce, seafood, wine, and beer that our country has to share—and stepping outside the stereotypical realm of maple syrup—Edible Canada’s Retail Store and adjoining Bistro present a version of Canada that is wholly our own, wholly true, and wholly fantastic. It’s putting our best foot forward.

“Edible Canada has the lofty goals of attempting to both represent Canadian cuisine and foster a conversation on the definition of Canadian cuisine,” says beverage director Harriet Vianello. “By featuring local suppliers like 33 Acres in both our Bistro and Retail Stores, we like to showcase the best of what Canadian farmers, brewers, winemakers, and artisan gourmet food producers have to offer.” The outcome is something exploratory and deeply tied to its time and place, allowing the high-quality bounty of our country to speak for itself. That means the freshest oysters, the finest halibut, the ripest tomatoes—not to mention a 100-per-cent Canadian wine list—and craft spirits and beer, of course.

The 150-seat room and open kitchen give the casual fine dining space plenty of room to breathe, although any sunny day is best spent on the patio, cold beer in hand. Vianello, who describes Edible Canada as having “local, fresh, seasonal cuisine which is both unpretentious and inherently Canadian,” suggests pairing the Bistro’s Thai Style Chicken Wings with 33 Acres of Sunshine. She first connected with us in our tasting room, when a friend invited her for an afternoon catch-up. “The afternoon quickly became an evening with other friends stopping by as we tasted our way through the 33 Acres collection,” she recalls. We had been fans of the Bistro for a long time, both for its products and its philosophy, and knew we wanted a community partner on Granville Island. The collaboration fit like a glove.

We suggest stopping in for an unforgettable brunch, and then checking out the Retail Store to pick up some goodies—everything from sauce to chocolate—to take home. Any experience at Edible Canada provides a unique look at our country’s culinary climate, and will surely leave the entire table wanting more. Indeed, it is now possible and plausible to say, “Tonight, I’m craving Canadian.”

Neighbourhood:  Granville Island
Around since:  2008
Known for:  Patio
Stockist since:  2014
On tap:  33 Acres of Sunshine

33 Acres of Frank - 2016/05/17

When quaint enough meets wild enough, fascinating unions can excite the mood. If relations mingle candidly, reactions might nudge, twist, throb and nip. Delivering excellence through explicit tartness, peculiar happenstance stokes tangy curiosities. An aesthetic best described felt in person, diligent spontaneity births the delicately clamorous, 33 Acres of Frank. Harmonizing moderate lean-bodied maltiness, gutsy hop salutes of plump Huell Melon shakeup provocative sourish kisses. Saucy apricot and frisky lemon flavoured compliments settle downed with sappy acidic finishes. Indeed, this lacto-friendly concentrated solution guzzles totally side by side.

33 Acres of Frank: a funky and brazen, Single Hop Sour, to experience in the tasting room, until another seasonal respectfully switches place. Available in glasses only.

Colour: Bronzed Burgundy
Alcohol: 4.4% by volume
Aroma: Lactobacillus funk, apricot, lemon, melon
Flavour: Herbal bitter ‘sharpness’; tapering lemon sour finish