33 Acres of Alpha

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Gliding through a bladed meadow, a solitary figure advances. Approaching an inland stream, imprinting paws deepen into the basin. A rugged frame lowers its bristly head, with a few fetching sniffs, lapping eagerly from the crystal vein. Refracted across the scrolling water, a similar creature greets the primal liquid. Standing poised, while grinning tenderly, two proven individuals converge, salivating in unison.

Lead by an engaging ESB malt and splashy Mosaic hop, 33 Acres of Alpha is a fruitious S.M.A.S.H. befitting the growing season. An endearing domestic malt, bred reminiscing ole pales, accentuates a hop renowned for triple-use profiling. With emphatic hopped drops bittering clean acid flavours and luscious tropical aromas, this impressive coupling bestows whoa mega compelling finishes.

33 Acres of Alpha: a Single Malt And Single Hop IPA, now streaming in-house for glasses and fills until decreed, with thanks, as done.

Colour: Iced Gold
Alcohol: 6.4% by volume
Aroma: Tangerine; grapefruit; papaya
Flavour: Tangerine orange; grapefruit peel; light caramel sweetness