33 Acres of Courage

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Available in:

GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) | GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz)

Zach was one of our first tasting room staff. He ended up leaving us for a great job opportunity in the app development industry. We loved him, but are happy that he is pursuing his passions and using his talents to the fullest. Zach comes into the tasting room from time to time. He brings memories with him. 

Like Zach, 33 Acres of Courage was one of our first seasonal beers, an English ESB, with hints of apple, caramel, lemon and bitter tea. It was a sad day when 33 Acres of Courage ran dry. We were overwhelmed by people’s love for this beer and amazed that it sold out in a week. We missed this beer, just as we miss having Zach around. In Zach’s honour and for the first time – we’re re-releasing one of our seasonal beers that we loved so much. 33 Acres of Courage is now available for growler fills and tastings.

 Colour: Orange

Alcohol: 5.6% by volume

Aroma: Apple, caramel, lemon, bitter tea

Flavour: Apple, caramel, lemon