33 Acres of Darkness

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Hello Darkness my old friend. 33 Acres of Darkness now available in GLASSES (6oz, 10.5oz, 24oz) and GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz)

When embers crackle into charred sultry puffs, a mystical serenity draws near. Hinterland’s stilling hush nestles quietly while being calmly at rest. Belly and lungs fill then clear with soothing huffs as drumming thumps begin revealing extraordinary realms. Entering fantastic possibilities and potentials, worlds within worlds manifest…

The enchanting Schwarzbier hails from Germany’s historic middle ages. Progressing upon the hallowed dark essentials, this bier swiftly joined the flagship ranks, flowing especially well. Conceived by cozy Pilsner mixed with slow-fired Cara Vienna, Black Prinz and Caramel Munich 40 malts, 33 Acres of Darkness has evolved into a supernatural lager. Summoning hoppiness through nicely biting Perle and Magnum hops, gently toasted sugars evoke rich cocoa and subtle coffee blitzes. These tidy undertones ebb sips to settings, while easy-going textures socially invite further quenchings.