33 Acres of Fervor

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

The comfort of the sun returns to us as May brings hints of summer warmth. One of the last styles of strong beers served during the year in Germany, Fervor is a lighter bock (or munich lager) that lends itself well to being sipped in the sun or whilst wrapped in a blanket as the night progresses. It provides a slight internal warmth, with a hint of faint apricot and sugar, and a lingering “cereal grain” sweetness, cut by a mild bitter-edge to finish. A treat ready for a bonfire night, a celebration of the sun and its light, and a toast to that flame which is ready to ignite whether exterior or within.

Colour: Amber Orange
Alcohol: 6.3% by volume
Aroma: Faint apricots, and sugar
Flavour: Lingering light “cereal grain” sweetness. Mild bitterness in the finish.