33 Acres of Nirvana

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

We are very happy to announce a more exclusive product—the Nirvana 4-packs—have arrived. This is special because the nature of this beer takes time and patience to develop; twice as long as most of our other beers, to get it just right. And although we only have one tank dedicated to this signature IPA, we thought it was more than worthy of being taken on a trip somewhere among the Pacific Northwest, this summer. Come and get it while it lasts.

Along the paths to IPA immortality, a few wise guides suggested forging an original trail like none before. As is accustomed to the Pacific Northwest, natures’ whispers were honoured realizing the voicings within.

With a higher % then average, these skillful co~creations invigorate bitter-fresh pine with infused offerings of pink+orange citrusness. Iconically, this beer actually smells like green spirits. One whiff, a taste, and wholly smile, can begin any journeys into 33 acres of Nirvana afterlife.

Colour: Hazy golden orange
Alcohol: 7.0% by Volume
Aroma: Pine, Candied Orange
Flavour: Grapefruit and “woody” bitterness, warming finish