33 Acres of Audrey

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Voilá! As phenomenal substances churn and swirl, profound happenings continue emerging. Stirred with pulsing momentum, stories may travel quickly, while intimate news spreads about the masses. Landing home, fluttering shivers, dampened sensings, and more, will signal what is becoming. Eventually, when flashing rumbles and vigorous surges arrive, an iconic presence soon figures to follow…

Generated by Witbier~IPA fusions, Rye and Pilsner malts fashion 33 Acres of Audrey. While pairing éxuberant piquant archetypes with famed cultural legends, this name struck more than accord. Uniting plentiful Galaxy, Apollo, Summer and Bravo hops; holly woodish quirks animate juicy nectarine, squeezed orange, fragrant banana and lasting grapefruit charms. This elegant, hop happy, sweet n’ spicy, malt medley is available now, while thankful down-pouring quantities tap.

33 Acres of Audrey: A seasonal Belgian Rye IPA on exhibit here in the tasting room for sampling, fills, and who knows what else?

Colour: Pale Gold
Alcohol: 6.1% by volume
Aroma: Grapefruit, banana, orange, nectarine and pine
Flavour: Sweet, spicy aftertaste, lingering bitterness finished with grapefruit and pine.