33 Acres of Blonde

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Marked by the darkness of our skin, and lightness of our heads, we begin to embody characteristics that pay witness to summer. As we adapt to this transforming power of the sun, from the outside in, our bellies crave something cooling and crisp.

33 Acres of Blonde, is a Munich Helles. The century-old German favourite, that has the traditional qualities of a German dark lager, is made brighter and lighter, then balanced by a faint herbal hop character of its lighter lager brother, the Pilsner. A touch of floral on the nose, it quenches with a subtle, sweet finish on those turned amber days.

Colour: Straw
Alcohol: 5.0% by volume
Aroma: Malt sweetness; touch of sulphur; floral hop bitterness
Flavour: Touch of sulphur; floral hop bitterness, herbal hop flavour, light malt sweet finish

Available now in our tasting room only.