33 Acres of Dusk

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Available in:

GLASSES (6oz, 12oz) | SOON ON GROWLER FILLS (32oz, 64oz)

Light trickles in through the barn doors, and the sweet smell of grain is made pungent upon entering. The early morning stirs with slight four-legged movement, brought on by both hunger and anticipation for the day beyond these wooden-planked stalls—there is a job that awaits. They must rest during the dark hours, but do they ever really sleep? Like the honourable workhorse 33 Acres of Dusk is fully figured, rich in colour, and distinctively smooth. Originally created in the Wallonian province of Hainaut, this was the drink of Belgium’s “saisonal workers.” Traditionally crafted with ingredients offered by the current season and close at hand, the outcome was just as varied. The discernment and familiarity of this style belongs first to the makers, making it a bit of a mystery.

Colour: Molasses Black
Alcohol: 7.6% by volume
Aroma: Pear, apricot
Flavour: Brandied cherries, bitter chocolate