33 Acres of Echo

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Instrumental brews spark a myriad of spiralling ripples. Like touching symphonies, an original ensemble orchestrates many momentous experiences. Every precious score reverberates the eclectic producers down under, composers up above, conductors on the ground, and contributors galore.

Hosting this feature session, a resounding malt trio of American Pale, Carapils and Special B, prompt woodsy, yet versatile, melodies. Along with lush dewy tempos, vibrant Centennial and colourful Topaz hops also cue noteworthy performances. Finishing sharply relaxed, while neatly fulfilling encores, Ladies and Gentlemen…

33 Acres of Echo, a seasonal India Session Ale, now on stage in the tasting room for glasses and growler fills.

Colour: Blonde
Alcohol: 4.5% by volume
Aroma: Grassy, candied tropical, citrus peel, pine, clean finish, with lingering bitterness.
Flavour: Citrus peel, pine, clean finish, with lingering bitterness.