33 Acres of Egress

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Cradled by earth’s core, a worthy sweat drips from the air, chipping away inside the passage. Pausing to lean against the cool bedrock, clammy palms flatten against the rough stony contours. Coursing blood circulates while fondly glancing back to where the shift began. A familiar whistle sounds signalling work’s timely end and the usual chorus of hurrahs ensue. Twinkling grins adorn the corridor as fingertips glide along the sculpted tunnel edges stepping into an ever-growing portal home.

Welcoming a break to rejoice in what’s been accomplished, 33A of Egress pays homage to an ancient practice. Commonly served to workers departing the mine shaft, this super refreshing beer is considerate of tomorrow’s daily rituals. Unwinding lightly after glasses have clinked, a conventionally dry saison profile is enriched by Buckwheat malt adding a grounded peppery zip. Open to further interpretation, UK Fuggles and Brewers Gold hops ‘summer’ize this seasonal recreation with fragrant traces of apricot and blackberry tea, finishing completely uplifting.

33 Acres of Egress: a Belgian Grisette now available in the tasting room b33r quarry for glasses and fills.

Colour: Gold
Alcohol: 4.2% by volume
Aroma: Apricot, Blackberry tea, peppercorns, wild rice
Flavour: Light herbal bitterness, and peppery finish