33 Acres of Four

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Shelters, engines, noble truths, the elements, colour… whether a strong foundation, a sense of direction, a phase of the moon or by the seasons—by nature and by man, the cardinal number four proves its value. The workhorse behind many of these aspects of life, here we draw a parallel to symbolize a starting point. 33 Acres of Four, our Belgian Quad, has been diligently constructed to form a base. It lures you in by its sweetness and disguises its strength by way of carbonation. To drink patiently, and if repetitively, as its fortitude provides not so subtle grounds for what may come next.

33 Acres of Four now available in growlers and glasses in our tasting room only.

Colour: Deep Copper / Red, hazy
Alcohol: 11.4% by volume
Aroma: Bubble Gum, star anise, banana, stewed fruit.
Flavour: Star anise, banana, stewed fruit, caramel, star anise