33 Acres of Frank

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

When quaint enough meets wild enough, fascinating unions can excite the mood. If relations mingle candidly, reactions might nudge, twist, throb and nip. Delivering excellence through explicit tartness, peculiar happenstance stokes tangy curiosities. An aesthetic best described felt in person, diligent spontaneity births the delicately clamorous, 33 Acres of Frank. Harmonizing moderate lean-bodied maltiness, gutsy hop salutes of plump Huell Melon shakeup provocative sourish kisses. Saucy apricot and frisky lemon flavoured compliments settle downed with sappy acidic finishes. Indeed, this lacto-friendly concentrated solution guzzles totally side by side.

33 Acres of Frank: a funky and brazen, Single Hop Sour, to experience in the tasting room, until another seasonal respectfully switches place. Available in glasses only.

Colour: Bronzed Burgundy
Alcohol: 4.4% by volume
Aroma: Lactobacillus funk, apricot, lemon, melon
Flavour: Herbal bitter ‘sharpness’; tapering lemon sour finish