33 Acres of Hanzō

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

It’s not uncommon to convince ourselves that what exists in the dark haze is invisible. That is our perception that has illustrated a tangible narrative, allowing us to avoid the truth. He did not do so. Secrecy is power, and to this day he is known for his double sight and all encompassing inner qualities. With strength of both body and mind, he vanished, before our eyes could register what we did in fact, think we saw. 

There are many parallels between the myth and this timely Halloween seasonal. 33 Acres of Hanzō is a west coast double brown ale, sitting boldly with a higher alcohol content and a delightful hop twist. The black malts are invisible marked only by evidence of the senses, or a lingering after thought. Now available for growler fills and glasses in our tasting room only. #ninja