33 Acres of Rufous

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company
He was a bit peculiar at first to those who didn’t know him. Fairly freckled, extremely meticulous, with reddish brown hair. Distinguishable by his language and admirable by his customs, his mind had the ability to solve any quandary—usually mathematical or scientific by nature. 33 Acres of Rufous is a tribute to each and every freckle—or—that which shows signs of character, marks of age, and beauty of detail. Polished close to perfection, this Belgian Red Ale is strong, yet charmingly sweet.

Colour: Ruby red, hazy
Alcohol: 8% by volume
Aroma: Bubblegum, Cola, Caramel
Flavour: Bubblegum, Cola, Caramel

33 Acres of Rufous, now available in our tasting room for fills, glasses and fun.