33 Acres of Welkin

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Without the texture of clouds, our skies would be uninteresting, stagnant and expected. At the essence of a good beer we believe the texture exists in a space where tradition and creativity collide. It’s this poetic interplay between the two that puts new ideas in motion and enables us to to adapt, divert, and experiment in order to create something not quite touched before.This beer is defined by quality and an intuitive sense of balance, not a specific set style.

33 Acres of Welkin is a wheat ale that provided ample opportunity for something familiar, while the hops offered something a bit more surprising. Identifiably hoppy, there is a hidden hint of something unexpected, that is fuelled by this constant desire to create something of “texture.”

Colour: Light Amber, Hazy
Alcohol: 6.66% by Volume
Aroma: Little bit of apricot and tropical fruit.
Flavour: Grassy / herbal bitterness. Wheat malt sweetness; lingering grassy herbal hop finish.

33 Acres of Welkin now available in glasses and growlers in our tasting room only.