33 Acres of Reverence

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Whenever, wherever, these words and this beer is for those we remember profoundly, you know the ones. Wondering nights, days burning bright, near or far, to those lost and loved before us; our ancestors, the ones guiding us here, whom we hold dear in our hearts, and most revere.

Canada and Belgium have long revered one another for many reasons, but inside 15 W 8th Ave, we respect the Belgians most for their cleverly crafted beer. Nudging at the honourable heart of Belgian brewing tradition, 33 acres of Reverence cuddles up with savoury notes of rich caramel, baked bananas, and an inspired dubbel dry finish worthy of remembrance.

33 Acres of Reverence, available for growler fills and glasses in our tasting room only.