33 Acres of Trike

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

It’s that thing your friend rolled in Costa Rica back in 04′. Its a hybrid that had a purpose but you always got made fun of for having or wanting. ATV or Dirtbike? We’ll never know. Bitter or sweet? Try to convince us. Either way its a spicy sweet treat for a trip down memory lane.

This Hybrid Farmhouse Ale uses hybrid ingredients to mimic different aspects of specific yeasts, grains and hops. The yeast is a hybrid saison, bringing together the phenolic Belgian Saison character with the peppery mouthfeel of a French Saison. Triticale is a hybrid of wheat and rye, bringing together the yields and climate hardiness of wheat and the spicy characteristics of rye. To bitter this beer with Idaho 7, a dual purpose hop used in many styles, offers the perfect balance to this complex brew with flavours of zesty orange, marmalade, pine and black tea.

Different with a purpose.

33 Acres of Trike, a Hybrid Farmhouse Ale now available in our tasting room for growlers and glasses until its gone.