33 Acres of Twee

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Beer often marks a time and a place. It signals activities and gives us something to look forward to. Saisons, the French work for seasons, were originally created to quench the thirst of Flemish farmers. When industry shifted from agriculture to mining in the Belgian province of Hainut, a new, lighter variation emerged: the Grisette.

Just in time to mark our second year of being open, 33 Acres of Tw33 is our first Grisette, which comes with a twist. Deep violet in colour, this refreshingly vibrant beer is infused with black currant, paying witness to sweet summer days, despite its dry quality. Lighter in body, it satisfies with a slight pepper finish, lingering well from one glass to the next. With deep gratitude for the hard work, people, and the many inspiring elements of this place, we gather, and can raise our glasses together. Twee: to the last two years and many more to come.

Colour: Violet
Alcohol: 5.1% by volume
Aroma: Black currant tartness; peppery
Flavour: Black currant tartness, peppery, Tannic, dry finish.