33 Eats: Kokoro Ramen

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company
33 Eats: Kokoro Ramen

Pho or Ramen? It’s a question that finds it’s way into conversations, debates, even arguments around this time of the year – soup season. It’s too subjective of a question, no answer is more right than the other. It’s purely based on opinion, and often mood. Both are amazing. The real question becomes which place does it best and Kokoro Ramen on the corner of 41st and Victoria is definitely fighting for that top spot. Like many restaurants they had to close their room for a while due to the ol’ Covid situation which forced owner/operator Yasu to think on his toes. Having a restaurant, you become a part of the community which you become accustomed to serving. Beyond the regular take out menu, Yasu helped initiate a collective of Japanese brands/foods with one common interest – to enhance the home dining experience. This took the form of Kokorolab, where you can order from a few different Japanese food vendors and have it at your door step. The Kokoro restaurant itself is reopening for dine-in on weekends starting next weekend. We had the privilege of sneaking in for a quick lunch and ordered the following:

SHIO Ramen
Pork broth with green onion, fungus mushroom, Bambooshoot, Black garlic oil, pork Cha-shu.10 hrs worth of cooking the bone to extract Umami from ingredients. Proudly use BC local Salt from Vancouver Island, and Koji from Van Koji 

Spicy Chicken Ramen
Chicken Broth, bamboo shoot, Fungus mushroom, Watercress, green onion, Chicken Cha-shu Mixture of richness from creamy chicken broth, and our original spicy miso for kick. Proudly use BC local Salt from Vancouver Island, and Koji from Van Koji 

Crispy octopus balls in savoury sauce

Chicken Karage
Bonessless juicy deep fried chicken with our Japanese home style marinade sauce.