33 Eats: Nelson The Seagull

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company
33 Eats: Nelson The Seagull

Nothing inspires me more than small business owners who take a leap of faith. I’ll never forget pounding on the door of Nelson The Seagull 10 years ago wondering what new thing was popping up in the clearly rundown, but beautiful space. Jonathan, co-owner, warmly opened the door to a stranger, was covered in dust and busy, but gladly walked me through the plan. Since that day Jonathan and his sister Lee have worked tirelessly to bring us all the gift of sourdough. By far the best bread in the City that has inspired many to follow and learn the craft. Thank you for continuing to deliver and be an inspiration to us all. Head over to Nelson The Seagull for a great & safe space to enjoy a healthy warm meal, we highly recommend. Located at 315 Carrall St.

Some of our favourites on the menu are the classics:

Avocado on Nelson The Seagull Toast.
House Made Carrot Soup with a side of Sourdough.

Oatmeal & Raison cookie.