B33R Community—Savio Volpe

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

B33R Community on location…Savio Volpe!

What better than a place to gather that honours how we eat these days, is egalitarian in principle, and comforts all the same with the values of Italian lifestyle? It’s accessible, yet has an elevated point of view which every inch of the interior is painted with. Opened just months ago, Savio Volpe, much like 33A, serves as a gathering place for many of the cities entrepreneurs, creatives, young families and the-like that dwell in the Fraser area.

An Italian wine list respects the ethos of Italian dining and belief that food should often be consumed with wine. Meanwhile, the beer list exemplifies this sort of local/urban neighbour vibe that exists both in space and concept of Savio Volpe, by taking the qualities of an Italian Osteria or meeting place, and localizing it. As partner Craig Stanghetta mentions, “Italy’s a bit behind on the craft beer front.” Their beer menu, developed by Alex Wilson, formerly at Brassneck and the Alibi Room, is very carefully curated with 8 local food-friendly craft brews on tap, to offer balance, accessibility, and variety.

Borrowing off the strengths of each culture, the food is prepared with a respect for the local region of our Pacific North-West, and embraces our access to organic, pasture-raised meat and seasonal produce or “local materia prima.” The dish chef Mark Perrier and Alex suggest to be paired with 33 Acres of Darkness is the Cotechino, with red wine lentils, horseradish and quince mostarda: a traditional italian pork sausage with a higher percentage of rind content, composed with winter spices of cloves, nutmeg and black pepper. A perfect pairing to the subtle caramel malt qualities of Darkness. The use of the wood fire grill harkens back to this idea of tradition, as a sign of Italian comfort which the dish is cooked by. Of course this must also be accompanied by some pasta fresco, and is best shared among friends, family and neighbours. See you there!

Neighbourhood:  Fraser (615 Kingsway, Vancouver)
Around since:  Fall 2015
Known for:  Hand-made pasta and wood fire oven
Stockist since:  Since opening
On tap/bottles:  Darkness on tap
Food pairing:  Cotechino with red wine lentils, horseradish, quince mostarda