A Moment With : Sean Partlow

written by Maks Eidelson

Sean lives and works out of downtown Victoria B.C as a full time landscape designer. Although technically he has a fixed address, he doesn’t like admitting to it. If you asked him what he does and where he lives he’d open up the conversation emphasizing the answer largely depends on when, or what time of … Continued

Community minded vintage for the people

written by Brittany Tiplady, photography & video by Maks Eidelson

Comfort looks like different things to different people. And for some of us less fortunate, the privilege of comfort is rooted in necessity. Maybe it’s a steady job, shelter, structure and the opportunity to sustain all three. In Vancouver, Community Thrift & Vintage has been providing just that: a place of stability and comfort for … Continued

Fostering Connection Through Grains

written by Meagan Albrechtson, film & photography by Maks Eidelson

“I’ve always really believed that the best food is the simplest food, and because of our tendency to overcomplicate things, that tends to be hard for us to do, and hard for us to accept.“ For Shira McDermott, seeking a better understanding of what’s on her plate is simply a no-brainer. It’s one of the … Continued

Pie Love with Virtuous Pie

written by Meagan Albrechtson, photography by Maks Eidelson

There are two words you won’t often hear in a sentence: vegan pizza. But thanks to the rising awareness of more planet-friendly eating habits, a new era of dining options in the city is rapidly spreading. The sleek yet simple Chinatown space of Virtuous Pie has become our go-to destination for plant-based pizza in the … Continued

Around The Block – Darby’s

written by Meagan Albrechtson, photography by Maks Eidelson

Anyone who spends the bittersweet months of summer in Vancouver will tell you a decent patio is a much sought-after necessity. A neighbourhood pub with a brag-worthy beer list that has been drawing crowds since the eighties: now that’s a gem. Darby’s has not only one of the most coveted outdoor watering holes in the … Continued

Plants, Dyes & Exploration

written by Sophena Kwon, Founder of Indigo Social

I grew up with an indigo vat on my back porch. My mom is a natural dyer and since my earliest memories, colour has related back to nature. I remember this gigantic wildflower garden in our backyard filled with marigolds, chamomiles and coreopsis: petals with the ability to embed even the most gold of sunshine into the … Continued

Whole Culture – Hives For Humanity

written by Meagan Albrechtson, photos by Rebecca McColgan

There’s a little bit of magic that exists in the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Nestled between worn down buildings and sprawling makeshift homes on surrounding streets, the Hastings Folk garden offers a therapeutic escape and an opportunity to find purpose and meaning through beekeeping. The garden is one of many spaces in the city … Continued

Ferments with Pure Earth Superfoods

written by Brittany Tiplady, photography by Joshua Michnik

“Our lifestyle right now is all about connecting with sourced energy and living in a way that is in harmony with the natural rhythms of the world,” says Lauren Elbe. “We are in a constant pursuit of the highest quality of ingredients,” her partner, Sheldon Lawrie adds. “And,” chimes Elbe, “the highest quality of life.” … Continued