BC Cherry Nectar – 33B-EXP.013.MKII

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company
BC Cherry Nectar – 33B-EXP.013.MKII

A mixed culture dark sour referemented with impossible amounts of hand crushed Okanogan cherries in freshly emptied Syrah casks. Straddling the line between a velvety rich cherry wine and an agressively fruit-forward oak fermented sour, the nectar contained within is fleeting and ephemeral.¬†765 – 500ml bottles of BC Cherry Nectar are now available in our tasting room & online. Don’t miss this release!

Cherry Nectar
7.0% ABV
Aroma: Sunshine in July, rich, black cherry flesh, inky syrah and faint amaretto
Flavour: Warm dark cherry flesh, sunny Summer orchard, velvety dark chocolate. Firm acidic structure. Balanced.