Coco American Porter

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company
Coco American Porter

Chocolatey and rich, our Sabro hopped American Porter has a multitude of chocolate and caramel malts layered carefully on a base of Canadian barley. Coconut, cedar, mocha and oak are all patiently waiting for your discovery. 4 packs of our Coco American Porter now available in our tasting room for the weekend & at select stockists starting Monday. Come hang.

Coco American Porter
Chocolate, Coffee, Cedar
Style: American Porter w/ Sabro hops
Alcohol: 5.9% ABV
Colour: Dark Brown
Bitterness: 22 IBU
Aroma: Pungent, punchy pecan, a pleasing potion permiting passive past times. 
Flavour: A personable porter properly packed with plenty of palate pleasing percolation. Pops with plumes of peppy cocoa.