Community Journal – Issue 2.0 – Comfortably Resilient

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

A long summer; welcomed autumn

The coolness of the brisk air is made even more pungent by the orange sun and fallen leaves, intuitively reminding us of how we are impacted by cycles of change. For the second issue of our Community Journal, inspired by our first beer 33 Acres of Life, we look at the juxtaposition of resilience with comfort—often both present and needed for change. Whether that be through the persistence of a community for social enterprise, discerning the steps necessary to deliver quality, the responsibility that comes with a diversified economy, or the difference of being physically immersed in something to bring about a different way of interacting with our surrounding natural history. We invite the necessary friction present, in order for a new perspective to be formed. Finding the comfort, the ease, in being resilient.

Issue 2.0 – Comfortably Resilient, our community journal is now available in our tasting room and select stockists across Vancouver.