What’s Next?

written by Josh Michnik, Founder of 33 Acres Brewing Company
What’s Next?

My eyes blink and five years have gone by. When I first tore the paper off the windows in the summer of 2013, we had two beers on tap. Bad reviews for no signage and a modest, simple room have grown into a line-up out front, 45+ full-time jobs, a pi33a truck, a son, and a business that is my life. Glory, but with ying there has to be yang. I’m not complaining, but someone told me once that the hardest stage I’d have to deal with is when we surpass a 20-employee company. That was no joke. The emotion and egos, the worry about failing and having a large group of people relying on our success is always present.

I’m constantly trying to find perfection and improve, and sometimes people don’t understand. Not sure if the perfection I’m after exists, but it doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying. We can always experiment and see if things work and then adjust. Efficiency at its finest.

What I’m getting at here is, what’s next for us? I’ve been jamming on this for about three years now. We went down one path, lost a lot of money and one year of efforts. My ego took a tumble on that one. But when something is not right you have to fold, learn from it, and then move on. You have 45 other people relying on you to get out as quickly as you can with out taking them all down with you. TMI.

Whats next? Get up, walk out front, and turn right. Well, if you’re in 33A that is. See next door?

Endless experimentation. Brewed to expand on traditional methods, fortifying the science of fermentation. Enjoyed best with friends, family or as an individual.

33 Brewing Experiment. We got our hands on the next door space and rather than just expanding our current line up, we wanted to open a space that was centred around experimentation. A facility to try new things; a place to fail, a place to be perfect, and a place to come together to let everyone inside to see how we create.

We know the expansion plan of the truck route brewery is not for us. We feel that small batch, local, and community driven breweries are the future. Shipping beer all across the country can take away from the experience and excitement of only being able to get certain beers in certain places. We want our beer to be consumed at its freshest, and we feel quality control is impossible when shipping across the country. Our focus is to support our local market and the people who choose to live in or visit our great city. 3ND

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