Whole Culture – Hives For Humanity

written by Meagan Albrechtson, photography by Rebecca McColgan

There’s a little bit of magic that exists in the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Nestled between worn down buildings and sprawling makeshift homes on surrounding streets, the Hastings Folk garden offers a therapeutic escape and an opportunity to find purpose and meaning through beekeeping. The garden is one of many spaces in the city … Continued

Ferments with Pure Earth Superfoods

written by Brittany Tiplady, photography by Joshua Michnik

“Our lifestyle right now is all about connecting with sourced energy and living in a way that is in harmony with the natural rhythms of the world,” says Lauren Elbe. “We are in a constant pursuit of the highest quality of ingredients,” her partner, Sheldon Lawrie adds. “And,” chimes Elbe, “the highest quality of life.” … Continued

What’s Next?

written by and photography by Josh Michnik, Founder of 33 Acres Brewing Company

My eyes blink and five years have gone by. When I first tore the paper off the windows in the summer of 2013, we had two beers on tap. Bad reviews for no signage and a modest, simple room have grown into a line-up out front, 45+ full-time jobs, a pi33a truck, a son, and … Continued

Issue 5.0 – Exploration

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Tired, helpless, but always pushing, stay positive, but start-over. Experimenting with new and old. Something will always stick like honey, usually the first idea. Thoughts ferment, try again. Endless possibilities. Die to skip ahead, but don’t forget the journey. Issue 5.0 – Exploration, our community journal is now available in our tasting room and select stockists … Continued

b33r community – Anna Lena

written by Sara Harowitz

Unmatched There is nothing else like AnnaLena in Vancouver. Actually, there is nothing else like AnnaLena anywhere. That is because this restaurant—located on 1st Avenue just off Burrard—is the unique culinary and design identity of executive chef Michael Robbins. The space, with its Michael Jordan action figures and Lego Storm Troopers paired with stark black … Continued

Drunken Salsa with La Mezcaleria

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

When thinking about alcohol in Mexico, the mind likely drifts to tequila or mezcal. But beer has long played a central role in Mexican drinking, and even eating. “All my memories of food in Mexico include beer as a central beverage,” says La Mezcaleria Gastown executive chef Mariana Gabilondo. “If the family liked to cook, … Continued

Vinyl culture in Vancouver

written by Elliot Heintzman

The record buyer’s music obsession is an intense mental occupation that requires an under-utilized willpower paired with a concise, inviolable intuition. I cannot walk by a record shop and simply rubberneck the dollar bins out front—instead, a very real magnetism sucks me into a compulsive yet satisfying wallet-emptying vortex. We find ourselves in a time … Continued

Full Circle

written by Brittany Tiplady

As the age-old saying goes, repetition is the mother of all learning. Ceramicist Janaki Larsen specializes in careful recurrence. Her pieces rebel against the perfection of mass-produced tableware, elevating the dining experience with handmade dishes that bring sustainable cooking into a new light. Larsen’s inspiration is driven from the ground up—literally. “I love dirt. Dirt’s … Continued