Full Circle

written by Brittany Tiplady

As the age-old saying goes, repetition is the mother of all learning. Ceramicist Janaki Larsen specializes in careful recurrence. Her pieces rebel against the perfection of mass-produced tableware, elevating the dining experience with handmade dishes that bring sustainable cooking into a new light. Larsen’s inspiration is driven from the ground up—literally. “I love dirt. Dirt’s … Continued

Where the grain grows

written by Josh Michnik

A trip home. written by Joshua Michnik, Founder of 33 Acres Brewing Company The sky never ends in Saskatchewan. Land quickly disappears but the sky pretty well always starts at the tip of the nose and keeps going up. Being born here I guess I just didn’t realize how massive the sky was. In British … Continued

Issue 4.0 – Repeat, Repeat

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Get up, see, do, repeat… Our desire for change is often shadowed by repetition. How do we get over the simple fact that echoing tasks doesn’t make us boring? The mundane daily routines we create for ourselves can be looked down upon, but sometimes they are what hold us together or give us purpose. Issue … Continued

On Success, On Failure

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Guest Article Written by Jordan Menashy, Co-Founder & VP of Marketing at Bench / @JordanMenashy Failure can be seen as something admirable. It means you were willing to take the chance to try to do something truly great. When you look at it through that lens, failure just becomes part of the journey to doing … Continued

Growth Cycle

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Victory Gardens – victorygardensvancouver.ca Written by Katie Nanton Just off Main Street in East Vancouver there is a garden planted a little bit differently than most in the city, tangled up in an organized chaos that only well-kept plots pull off gracefully. Framed within four-by-six-foot beds, abundant garlic grows beside deep green leaves of arugula, … Continued

Emergence – Access Gallery

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Emergence – Access Gallery Written by Alison Sinkwicz “Emerging artist” is a term thrown around quite often. Printed in exhibition descriptions, tossed into conversations—or, god forbid, used on Linkedin profiles—the label carries many connotations, but very little weight. Exactly what are these artists “emerging” into? Access Gallery, which surfaced in 1991, has been asking this … Continued

Finding Home

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Floating on a ferry has become something of a recurring routine—a contrasting commute worthy of waking up early for. En route, I typically find myself scrolling through a real estate app, searching various listings. This feels like watching an awkward sci-fi movie based in the year 2133. Are we dreaming? Ten years ago I was … Continued

Community Journal – Issue 3.0 – Framing Movement

written by 33 Acres Brewing Company

Patience needed; Never long enough. Often moving forward requires acknowledgement of all parts: clear eyes, hearing what is. A response, not a reaction. Water moves, although may take a moment to peace or chill out, and then roars up again when it needs to. The change of a season can be unpredictable. Or calm. It … Continued